21 Amy Adams Hairstyles, Hair Cuts and Colors

We take a look at great hairstyle and color options from Amy Adams. Amy certainly knows how to work her wonderful mane of red hair. Glossy and full of life, Amy's locks always look fabulous. Amy's classic beauty and fair complexion can pull off many shades or red hair color easily. Which color do you think suits Amy Adams more - cool copper red or soft strawberry blonde?

View yourself with Amy Adams hairstyles. We provide easy "How to style" tips as well as letting you know which hairstyles will match your face shape, hair texture and hair density.

Visual Story

Amy Adams Hairstyles, Hair Cuts and Colors - Visual Story

Long Wavy Dark Brunette and Copper Two-Tone Hairstyle

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Amy Adams is showing us that sometimes less is more! The middle path in this look allows the curls to contour her face in all the right places. The medium...

Medium Wavy Auburn Brunette Hairstyle

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Stunning waves are dressed through the mid-lengths to ends of these locks and left out through the front and one while the back and opposite side is pinned to the...

Long Straight Dark Strawberry Blonde Updo Hairstyle

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Smooth and elegant is the main idea for Amy's hairstyle at the 86th Academy Awards. Her gorgeous dark strawberry blonde tresses were set in hot rollers making it easy to...

Long Wavy Chestnut Brunette Hairstyle

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This gorgeous copper chestnut mane has stunning waves added to the sides and back giving the over-all hairstyle plenty of bounce and movement. This formal hairstyle is easy to re-create...

Long Curly Light Chestnut Red Updo Hairstyle

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Amy Adams wins a 2014 Golden Globe Award for her acting efforts but also deserved one for her head turning upstyle she wore for the night. Her natural red locks,...

Medium Straight Light Chestnut Brunette Hairstyle

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This formal hairstyle is blow-waved beautifully to achieve this classic-inspired hairstyle. This stunning 'do is perfect for any special occasion and can be easily re-created at home with the right...

Long Straight Light Chestnut Brunette Updo Hairstyle

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Amy's chestnut locks were pulled back loosely for the 85th Annual Academy Awards. Front strands were left out to fall to the side of the face to soften the over-all...

Long Wavy Auburn Brunette Hairstyle

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Sexy and simple is the main idea for this hairdo. The length is draped over one shoulder showing off the soft movement through the mid-lengths to ends. This is a...

Medium Curly Strawberry Blonde Updo Hairstyle

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Amy Adams decided to wear an upstyle to the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards. The back of her locks are pulled up and pinned to the back of the head,...

Long Wavy Hairstyle

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Amy opted to leave her locks out to show off her luscious length at the 18th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards. Only subtle waves are added to the mid-lengths to...

Long Straight Light Caramel Brunette Updo Hairstyle

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These gorgeous caramel locks are pulled and pinned to the top of the head into a chignon making this a great hairstyle to balance out a round face. This look...

Long Wavy Strawberry Red Hairstyle

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These dark strawberry blonde locks are left to fall over the shoulder showing off the groovy waves added to the sides and back that gives this style plenty of movement...

Long Straight Ginger Red Updo Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

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These golden copper locks are pulled back and pinned to the head to create this wonderful updo perfect for any special occasion. The front is left out to soften the...

Long Wavy Ginger Red Hairstyle

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These long dark copper locks are worn over one shoulder casually showing off the soft waves through the mid-lengths to ends that gives this low-fuss style movement and shape. This...

Long Wavy Strawberry Red Hairstyle

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Soft groovy waves added to the mid-lengths to ends of this beautiful copper mane gives the over-all style movement and wow factor. This look is great for any special occasion...

Long Wavy Auburn Brunette Hairstyle

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These long beautiful tresses are dressed in waves around the back and sides adding plenty of movement and shape to this style. This is great for those looking for a...

Long Wavy Light Red Hairstyle

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Amy Adams certainly knows how to work her wonderful mane of red hair. Glossy and full of life, Amy's locks always look fabulous. These gorgeous long copper locks have only...

Long Curly Dark Blonde Updo Hairstyle

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This elegant style has been set in hot rollers, then pinned back to form this beautiful up-style which is perfect to compliment a long face shape and great for any...

Long Straight Updo Hairstyle

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This elegant hairstyle has height and lift through the crown thanks to the teasing at the roots. Soft sassy bangs are left out to frame the face and completes the...

Medium Wavy Hairstyle

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Amy Adams arrived at the "Sunshine Cleaning" Los Angeles premiere with a classic hairstyle to wow the crowd. Long layers were cut through her sides and back to encourage the...

Long Straight Hairstyle

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This was a seductive look for Amy at the 2007 New York Film Critics' Circle Awards. Her hair length was left to fall mid back and soft layers were cut...