Brad Pitt Hairstyles, Hair Cuts and Colors

View yourself with Brad Pitt hairstyles. We provide easy "How to style" tips as well as letting you know which hairstyles will match your face shape, hair texture and hair density.

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Brad Pitt Hairstyles, Hair Cuts and Colors - Visual Story

Brad Pitt Short Sleek Haircut

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Brad Pitt needs no introduction, and neither do his hairstyles! Brad has a sleek back hairstyle that is formal, easy to style, and will become your new go-to hairstyle for...

Short Straight Brunette Hairstyle with Layered Bangs

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Brad just returned to having comb-overed, medium-length hair. This hairstyle is a staple for Brad Pitt. His hair has been styled so that it can comb over well while still...

Short Straight Copper Brunette Hairstyle with Layered Bangs

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The older Brad Pitt seems to get, the more luscious his hair seems to be! Brad is rocking this hairstyle and is making it look so easy to look cool....

Short Straight Ash Brunette Hairstyle

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Neat and tidy is the main idea for this hairstyle. The sides are smoothed back up and around the ears to give the edges a clean finish, while the top...

Short Wavy Brunette Hairstyle

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Cool and casual is the main aim for this 'do, with the clipper cut back and sides and jagged cut top that gives the over-all hairstyle texture and movement. This...

Long Straight Light Brunette Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights

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Cool and casual is the main idea for this hairstyle. The ends and long layers are jagged cut and are left out to fall naturally on the shoulders for a...

Long Straight Brunette Hairstyle with Light Brunette Highlights

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This straight long hairstyle is jagged cut all over to achieve a light and feathered look and feel. This is great for those with fine to medium hair wanting a...

Short Straight Dark Ash Brunette Hairstyle

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Brad proved he’s the king of low fuss yet versatile hairstyles with this great look. His back and sides were cut short for a clean finish and then blended into...

Short Straight Hairstyle

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Brad may have hidden behind dark shades at the Cine Vegas Opening Night Screening of "Ocean's Thirteen", but he still pulled off a great hairstyle. His hair was cut into...