Angela Bassett Black Pixie Haircut with Side Swept Bangs and Dark Brunette Highlights

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Added: 26 Jul 2012
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We take a look at a great short hairdo from Angela Bassett, which is super cool. This hairstyle suits her oval face perfectly and brings the focus to those fabulous eyes of hers. Although this style is usually seen on younger celebs in Hollywood, Angela Bassett proves that women can look fierce at any age with this haircut. This style will suit all face shapes except for square, and looks particularly great on oval and round face shapes.

If you want to copy Angela's look, ask your hairstylist to give you a short haircut that is tapered on the sides and back. The fringe should frame the face and have lots of texturing and slicing to give it that wispy look. Your stylist should leave the top layers long, again with lots of texturizing and making it easy to style up to give it a windblown look. This is great hairstyle to balance out a round face and will need regular trims to maintain the style.

To style this 'do, invest in a great root boosting product and extra-strength hairspray. A little wax on the ends will separate the pieces nicely and keep them in place. Backcomb the roots on the crown of the head to make the top layers stand up and voila! You now have the Angela Bassett spikey hairstyle. Don't forget to use loads of hairspray to keep this vertical style in place—especially if it's a windy day!

Hairstyle Type

Hair Color
Black and Dark Brunette Highlights

Haircut Technique

Razor Cut


Face Shape
Hair Density
Hair Texture

Under 21, 21 - 30, 31 - 40, 41 - 50, 51 - 60, and Over 60

Forehead Height
Neck Length


10 minutes
Use your fingers to pinch the styling product through your hair to create a textured finish.
Hair Spray and Moulding Cream

Styling Steps

1. Style Hair Down at the Back Using Moulding Cream

step 1

Apply some moulding cream to your fingertips and then pull it through the ends of your hair in a downward motion to achieve a textured look.

2. Style Sides Down Using Moulding Cream

step 2

Using a small amount of moulding cream, work it through the mid-lengths and ends in a downward motion. For added texture, pinch the ends as you go sparingly.

3. Style Bangs to the Left Using Moulding Cream

step 3

Apply moulding cream to your fingertips then gently rake through your bangs, sweeping the hair to the left as you go. Be careful not to use too much product as it can become sticky and clumpy.

4. Lift Roots Using Moulding Cream

step 4

Apply some moulding cream to your fingertips and then rub it into your roots while lifting your strands for added body. Be sure not to use too much moulding cream at the roots as this can result in a glugy and thick uncomfortable feel.

5. Use Moulding Cream for Texture

step 5

Apply moulding cream to your fingertips and then pinch small clumps of hair in an up and forward motion. Pinch the clumps in different directions for a messier look.

6. Apply Hairspray

step 6

To finish, apply a minimal amount of hairspray from an arms length distance to the top, sides and back. Take care not to use too much or you will end up with a white, flaky residue which looks like dandruff.

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