Wilson Cruz Short Wavy Black Hairstyle

This neat and tidy crew cut is shaved through the back and sides with a clipper guard number 1, blending in beautifully to the top which is cut short and neat yet still leaving enough length to run a little wax or moulding paste for shine. Regular cuts every 4-6 weeks will help maintain the style...

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Side View

Hairstyle Type
Category: Formal
Length: Short
Elasticity: Wavy

Haircut Technique
Clipper Cut

Hairstyle Suitability
Face Shape: round,oval,heart,triangular

Hair Density: Medium/Thick
Hair Texture: Medium/Coarse

Age: Under 21, 21 - 30, 31 - 40, 41 - 50, 51 - 60, and Over 60

Height: Any
Weight: Thin/Average/Large
Glasses: Yes

Styling Time: 10 minutes

Styling Tip: A small amount of finishing products is all that is needed to complete this style.

Styling Products: Moulding Cream

Styling Steps

1. Smooth the Top Back Using Moulding Cream

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